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About ExtraHW.com

4/11/2016, Karel Polívka
ExtraHW is independent website about interesting technologies, discoveries, innovations or events. Among its topics are articles about computers, robotics, space exploration, 3D print, transportation and so on.
ExtraHW.com was established in May 2016 by Czech publishing house oXy Online s.r.o., with many experiences with technically oriented online magazines (since 1999). ExtraHW.com is focused on short articles about interesting products and technologies which are noteworthy and which are about something we would like to read ourselves. We don't want to publish too many articles at fast rate. On the contrary we want to publish only few articles each week (without weekends), at least from the beginning.
We have many experiences with writing about technologies for many years already, but so far only in Czech (our native language). And becouse we always wanted to address also English speaking readers, we decided to give it a try and established ExtraHW.com, our first online magazine in English.
Karel Polívka, Publisher, Editor in chief, Webdesign
  • Experienced with establishing websites and publishing articles online since 2004
  • First computer = Atari 800XE
Milan Šurkala, Author of articles
  • With history of few thousands of articles (short news and also very detailed reviews) about computers and cameras since 2004
  • First computer = Atari 800XL
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