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AMD FirePro S9300 x2: extreme 1TB/s memory bandwidth

4/25/2016, Milan Šurkala
AMD company has revealed a new server GPU FirePro S9300 x2. It is able to achieve unbelievable performance of 13.9 TFLOPS. Moreover, it is equipped with HBM memory and this accelerator provides 1TB/s memory bandwidth.
The market of professional GPUs was significantly renewed in last few weeks. NVIDIA released 24GB version of Quadro M6000 few weeks ago, AMD is bringing the new super powerful FirePro S9300 x2 Server GPU. It is the first professional GPU accelerator that is equipped with HBM memory. You can find 8 GB of memory here and it is able to achieve extreme 1TB/s speed (memory bandwidth).
AMD FirePro S9300 x2
FirePro S9300 x2 is based on the third generation of GCN (Graphics Core Next) architecture and achieves extreme 13.9 TFLOPS performance level in single float precision. The performance in double float precision is only about 870 GFLOPS (it is much less than the performance of the older FirePro S91x0 cards). It is obvious that this card is heavily optimized for single precision computing. On the other hand, the card supports half precision floats (16-bit). FirePro S9300 x2 uses PCI-Express 3.0 x16 bus interface and draws energy up to 300W. It has passive cooling and requires minimal 25 CFM airflow around the card.  OpenCL 1.2 and Heterogenous Compute technologies are supported.
Source: amd.com