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Domino's delivers pizza using drones in New Zealand

8/27/2016, Milan Šurkala
Domino's Pizza and Flirtey companies are allowed to deliver pizzas using drone robots in New Zealand. The successful demonstration of the flight was also attended by local aviation authorities.
The first commercial drone delivery service in the world was launched in Auckland, New Zealand. It is the project of Domino's Pizza and Flirtey company. The first launch was also attended by local aviation authorities (the Civil Aviation Authority and Minister of Transport). New Zealand was chosen because its aviation rules for commercial drones are relatively friendly.
Domino Flirtey drone
The goal is to decrease the delivery time and to offer customers interesting ways how to order and deliver pizza that are not common with competitors. This transportation of the future follows autonomous DRU robot project that was launched this year. According to representatives of Domino's, it does not make sense to deliver a 2kg order with a 2-tonne vehicle.

If the drone (Remotely Piloted Aircraft - RPA) has problems with GPS signal or the battery is low, it will abort its delivery mission and it should return back. The real commercial flights will begin later this year and Domino's wants to try similar project on other markets like Australia, Belgium, France, Germany, Japan, and Netherlands.