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Electric Mercedes-Benz Vision Van with delivery drones

9/9/2016, Milan Šurkala
The car maker Mercedes-Benz has just presented a concept of the future van transportation. The Vision Van has an electric engine, it is controlled with a joystick and there are two autonomous drones to deliver a cargo. 
Mercedes-Benz is known for its interesting car concepts and its new Vision Van is one of them. The car is controlled with a joystick and, therefore, the driver's seat could be moved forward in order to save space. The cargo is in the rear part of the van and it is loaded once as a rack that is already filled with all the goods to be delivered.
Mercedes-Benz Vision Van
The goods itself can be delivered by a driver, who will take it from his cabin or one of two drones that are on the roof of the van can be used. These autonomous drones can take a package that weighs up to 2 kilograms and it can fly within a radius of 10 km. That can be useful in areas where the road connection is not good or in traffic jams. The package is taken from the rack system and attached to the drone automatically.
Mercedes-Benz Vision Van
Vision Van is powered by a 75kW (102 HP) electric engine and the Li-Ion batteries that are located under the floor should last for a 270km (almost 170 miles) drive. In order to save energy and time, the system automatically computes the ideal route that is needed to deliver all the packages.
Mercedes-Benz Vision Van
The car has a wide windscreen and LED headlamps. The dashboard itself is blue with a black gradient but when the car is used, it starts to show navigation system, tachometer or drone data.
Mercedes-Benz Vision Van
The information about surroundings are given thanks to the cabin floor. There are LED indicators that inform the driver about a situation. There is already mentioned package dispenser on the rear part of the cabin for a hand delivery of the packages. You can find there info terminal too.

Source: daimler.com