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Inventor is building a flying car and testing it in a desert

8/1/2016, Milan Šurkala
A flying car is a dream of humans for a long time. California engineer Dezso Molnar is trying this dream to come true. The first part of a new prototype with motorcycle engine was tested in Mojave desert.
California engineer Dezso Molnar is a former aeronautics engineer and pilot. Now, he is developing a new flying car but according to his own words, we can call it a flying motorcycle or gyrocopter too. His car is not aimed for a mass market, he wants to make the concept only and fulfill his dreams. As he has said, Da Vinci's Mona Lisa is also only one piece and has its value. Of course, it is not the first attempt to develop a flying car. There is also Terrafugia Transition flying car that was even approved by FAA.  
Molnar G2 flying car
Molnar wants to combine the special body with motorcycle engine and rotor from a gyrocopter like it was done in the first iteration of the vehicle, Molnar GT. For now, he was testing the first part of his new vehicle Molnar G2 in Mojave desert. In the future, he wants to add the rotor and free the car of the ground. The final version of the car should achieve 200 mph (more than 320 km/h).

Denso Molnar also wants to start a special flying car league to inspire new ideas. It will be interesting to see the development in this area and whether flying cars would be common in the future.