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Jaguar to build nine classic XKSS cars from 1950s

4/20/2016, Milan Šurkala
Jaguar company is going to build 9 extraordinary XKSS supercars that will be manufactured according to the 1957 specifications. They will replace nine cars that were damaged by Browns Lane fire and were never finished.
According to the plans, there should have been produced 25 Jaguar XKSS cars that were road versions of legendary Le Mans D-Type (victories in 1955, 1956, and 1957). Only sixteen of them were made because the remaining nine pieces were destroyed by Browns Lane fire and, therefore, never finished. Now, 59 years later, Jaguar is going to finish the job. These nine extraordinary cars will be hand-built by Jaguar Classic during 2016 year according to the exact specifications of the 1957 cars.
Jaguar XKSS
Newly built cars will replace never finished burned ones and are aimed for established collectors. The price for each car should exceed 1 million british pounds. It is expected that deliveries will begin in early 2017. XKSS has s 3.4litre engine that produces 250 HP. Let us remain that this is not the first attempt to restore the cars that were never produced. Jaguar had also finished remaining six never-built special Lightweight E-Type cars in 2014.