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New form of transport in China: straddling bus

6/1/2016, Milan Šurkala
China is fighting with smog and transportation issues with a project of the straddling bus. It will be raised to the height of 2.1 metres and the cars can drive under. The first straddling bus will be tested very soon in the real city world.
China has huge transportation and ecological problems that have to be solved. There are millions of new drivers each year, many Chinese cities are overcrowded by cars and polluted not only by industry but also by exhaust gases. Therefore, researchers are trying to find the way out. One of the possible solutions is going to be tested by Beijing company Transit Explore Bus. The company has created a special bus that is raised and the cars can drive under it.
Straddling bus in China
It covers two lanes and there is 2.1 metres of space below the floor of the bus. If the car is low enough, it can travel beneath the bus and both vehicles can occupy the same space. The bus is 60.6 metres long, 7.8 metres wide and 4.5 metres high. It is able to reach 60 km/h speed (37 miles per hour) and carry 1400 passengers. Such a bus can solve the space and also ecological issues.
The first bus is going to be tested in Chengzhou in late July or early August. Such a technology can replace subways that are very expensive. The proposed solution's costs are only at 16 per cent of the subway's costs.