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Smart glass with nanoparticles is coming

6/8/2016, Milan Šurkala
Australian researchers were able to combine glass with nanoparticles that enable it to obtain very interesting properties. What about a glass material that is able to shine or detect radiation levels?
A glass material has typical properties like transparency but the researchers from australian University of Adelaide were able to extends its capabilities and have creates "smart glass" with new abilities that are unthinkable for ordinary glass. This hybrid glass combines standard glass material and various types of nanoparticles.
Smart glass
If light-emitting nanoparticles are used, 3D volumetric display screens can be created. Also neuroscience glass pipettes can be produced and such pipettes will shine by themselves and provide light to make the job much easier.
Researches believe that many various types of nanoparticles can be combined with glass. They can have various photonic, electronic or magnetic properties that allow engineers to create glass with unbelievable properties. Authors also consider integration of radiation sensitive nanoparticles for nuclear facilities.
The synthesizing of materials is done separately and the right conditions are needed to disperse them equally. Using the proposed approach, nanoparticles are intact and the transparency of glass is very close to the original material.