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Intel released 10-core desktop processor monster

6/3/2016, Milan Šurkala
Intel has just released the new family of Broadwell-E processors. They use 14nm Tri-Gate 3D technology and you can buy up to 10-core version Core i7-6950X. We are still talking about desktop CPUs.
Intel is increasing the number of cores in all processor families. There were 22-core server Xeons unveiled in April for example. Now, Intel extended desktop processor family with a new Broadwell-E CPUs that use 14nm Tri-Gate 3D technology. The new flagship Intel Core i7-6950X has enormous 10 cores. Such a number is not common between desktop CPUs. Because the Hyper-Threading technology is also supported, you can run 20 threads at once. This CPU has extremely large 25MB L3 cache.
Intel Core i7
Of course, you can buy less powerful Broadwell-E processors too. There is 8-core Core i7-6900K (3.2GHz/3.7GHz) with 20MB L3 cache and two 6-core options i7-6850K (3.6GHz/3.8GHz) and i7-6800K (3.4GHz/3.6GHz), both with 15MB L3 cache. All the processors use LGA2011-3 socket, have 140W TDP and four-channel DDR4-2400 memory controller. Up to 128 GB of memory is supported. The CPUs have up to 40 PCIe 3.0 lanes (i7-6800K has 28 lanes "only").
The 10-core version runs at 3,0 GHz frequency and because of the new generation of Intel Turbo Boost Max 3.0 technology, it can be overclocked to 3.5 GHz (Intel ARK mentions 4,0 GHz). The price for this version is very high, it was set to unbelievable $1723. Intel said that this CPU is 35% faster than last flagship Core i7-5960X. The slower CPUs are cheaper at $1089, $617, and $434 respectively.